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Diego Angarita's picture

Lovely shoot! composite and color grading

Pascal phPics's picture

Sorry for the late answer. Thanks a lot. :)

Ara H.'s picture

woah - lovely capture, edit and colors!

Pascal phPics's picture

Thank you :)

Gerd Moors's picture

Great work!

Pascal phPics's picture

Thank you Gerd.

Jacques Cornell's picture

Yeah, I can't wait to take my super-expensive ultra-fast sportscar to a...

parking garage.


Pascal phPics's picture

Which car is here ultra fast and super expensive? ;) It's a GT not a McLaren P1...

Jacques Cornell's picture

Graphically, it looks cool, especially the monochromatic treatment. As images, these are nicely done. But, it's still a parking garage. Strange fantasy.

John Pettigrew's picture

Brilliant, love it

Pascal phPics's picture

Thank you John.