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This is a rock formation along the rugged coast of Victoria, Australia known as shipwreak coast. It marks the site of the Sierra Nevada which crashed there in 1900. It has taken me 3 attempts to get out to these rock (it is confusing to get to -google definitely isn't correct; and they are only accessible at low tide) and this probably the 12th version of my edits to that set of photos. Hopefully this has captured the essence the rocks and how it felt to finally find those rocks and be there to capture that sunset. Would be so grateful for any feedback on how I can improve the post of even the shot. Thank you.

Canon 5D Mark II
16mm · f/8.0 · 1/25 · ISO 100
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the oversaturated red is what killed it for me

Hi Joseph, Really appreciate you feedback! I'm going to try and desaturate the red. Cheers!