November 23, 2018

Sunrise Romsdalen, Norway. One of the first things I did that morning was dropping my glasses in the river. They are probably now somewhere in that lake. Grateful it was possible to manage without my glasses that morning. Oct 2017.

15 · f/11 · ISO 100
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Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

love the colors, nice shot

Markus van Hauten's picture

Great again! Congrats!

Elliot Balynn's picture

Love the colours!

Ken Savage's picture

It has been a long time since I've to Norway and this brings it all back. Wonderful work.

Ole Henrik Skjelstad's picture

Thanks a lot! Hope you make it over here again!

Allen Hammer's picture

Looks like a video game. Too much processing for my eyes.

Sherry Bell's picture

Love your POV for this most excellent shot. The light and the touch of fall colors to go with the wonderful touch of color in the sky. Just so pleasing to look at.

Ole Henrik Skjelstad's picture

A huge huge thanks, Sherry!!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Beautiful picture!