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Underground Station in London. Quite Tricky to shoot as there are almost always trains - wether on the right or the left side. Finally, I had a free line of sight but then underground staff wasn't happy with my tripod... nevertheless, i got my shot... hope you like it. Leave me a comment.

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Wonderful photo, Sven. I love black-and-white photos and this is a great example of one. It looks like you probably spent a lot of time in post on it too. I don't give out too many 5 star ratings, this photo received one. I think it would be a great "Photo of the Day." Keep up the good work and I hope you'll post more great images.

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thx a lot richard

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Fantastic shot Sven! I love the mood and clarity you have achieved. As a newcomer to street photography who has only received 1 start ratings so far it is inspiring for me to see images such as yours. Im excited to see more from you.