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Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Splendid photo...

Kendall Rittenour's picture

Thank you

Pavel Gebrt's picture

Wow it looks amazing

Kendall Rittenour's picture

Thanks Pavel!

Edgar Moskopp's picture

this shot is so epic / beautiful / *insert random awesome adjective here* on so many levels. the sky. the light trails. the darkness. the framing. the...

Kendall Rittenour's picture

Thank you Edgar!

Tracy Webb's picture

Excellent capture Kendall what a shot .

Kendall Rittenour's picture

Thanks Tracy!

Francisco B's picture

I really like this photo, though I'm not a fan of long exposure photography, as it makes photos look homogenous and the subject matter automatically becomes the long exposure itself. I think this shot would look more unique with the cars on the road with dodge and burn work on the headlights. This is just personal taste speaking so take my opinion with a grain of salt, killer shot overall. Btw took a look at your portfolio work online, badass!

Nikita Shirokov's picture

I like this city )

Michael Kormos's picture

As someone that used to drive on the FDR on a daily basis, this photo is erroneously romantic, yet colorfully beautiful nevertheless.

Kendall Rittenour's picture

Thanks Michael!

David MacEnulty's picture

Erroneously romantic is brilliant!!
Great photo too.

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Chris Mahoney's picture

Very lovely- I was on that damn road 50 mins ago an it was nowhere near this beautiful. Well done

Jonah Ritchie's picture

This photo is awesome! Every aspect of it. Work well done!

greg-urbano's picture

very nice