Greg Mass by August Miller
August Miller's picture

Greg Mass

August 19, 2014

Editorial Portrait of Greg Mass

200mm · f/10.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Pablo Oriol Valls's picture

Hey there! I really like the lighting here! What was the setup?

I also like how the subject has a serious look; very appropriate for this lighting ambiance.

Great job! :)

August Miller's picture

Pablo, It is a four light set up. Main light is a small octabox, side lights are soft boxes with grids and one light on the seamless paper backdrop with a 30 degree grid. It was shot for a marketing campaign and they wanted a very moody serious look.

Pablo Oriol Valls's picture

Hey August! Thanks for the answer! Will have it in mind next time I shoot something of the sort.

Cheers! :)

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