First time i tried to take a picture of a shoe. It was quite challenging to light it in a way that i can see the, structure of the leather and see also highlights an shadows. I took three lights, one from the right side a little behind the shoe, the second from 45 degrees left, both covered with a diffusor panel and a thirf for the background. The rest of the highlights were made with mirrors. I´ve had fun with this picture. As always, comments are welcome.

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Claudiu Ion's picture

If this would be a sport shoe I could imagine it in the air, during a jump, but this one, without a contact with the ground, makes me feel awkward. Floating in the air could be a valid option if you would show the sole.Toe looks a bit hot. For my taste it is a bit too much light from the camera angle, which falls on the side of the shoe, where instep should be. I know you you wanted to emphasize the texture, but the texture was already shown by the light on the right.

Matthias Dietrich's picture

Hi Claudiu, thank your for your comment. It's always good to get another opinion. You are right, the light at the instep is really to much, i already darkened it, but that's not enough, i can see it now. About floating, i think this can also work for business shoes, but that is my personal opinion. Thanks again for your comment