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A perfect morning gazing at Sundance mountain reflecting in Vermillion lakes. I visited Banff for the first time last fall during peak larch season, and had the pleasure of tooling around the area with Banff native, and photographer, Callum Snape. We took the chopper up to Mt. Assiniboine area, which was a winter wonderland. I have a couple shots coming from up there. But this was one of the more interesting shots I think I've taken, and something I did not see until after I shot it. I simply wanted to try and work a foreground using some underwater vegetation that I thought looked interesting juxtaposed with the reflection of the sky on the perfectly still lake surface. What I found after I took the shot was the the clouds where in a formation that seemed to form a swirling pattern with the twisted up strands of the plant underwater. Kind of a stretch, I know, but I really enjoy it.

14mm · f/11.0 · 1/10s · ISO 100
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Nice Job

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Beautiful depth of color. Love the merging of foreground and clouds.

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Looks exceptional . A lot of thanks for this post here.

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Normally, I am one to shy away from tall landscape photos, as for me they just normally don't look right. However, you have done a spectacular job here in shooting this photo! I would hang this on my wall without a doubt!

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