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Wuthering Heights

A cinematic portrait from Iceland

Canon 5D Mark IV
50mm · f/2.8 · 1/800s · ISO 100
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Bill Larkin's picture

I like the colors and feel.

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thank you Bill!

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This is absolutely glorious.

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Most impressive for me is how the sky/clouds are just within clipping and not whited out. The model, pose, costume, wind, location and post production are all beautifully considered and executed.

I'd be interested to see an edit where the buildings on the centre line, to the left of the frame are removed, but I actually quite like how they are here, nestled at the foot of the mountain.

Wojciech Siwon's picture

First thought was to remove buildings but I think they "tell the story" in this picture. Without it looks like another model session, with them i feel i'm watching the movie. Great work.

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Yeah, the more I take in this image, the more I agree; is she leaving the village? If so, why? She looks like she might be going to meet someone who's returning... It's really interesting.

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I get the impulse to "remove the buildings" from some sort of photographic sanitation instinct that has seemed to prevail over editors for the last 10 or 15 years, but aren't we all just tired of that? Images scrubbed and sanitized of real world objects in order to produce an even more false representation of what the camera has captured than is already inherent in all photography? I mean, like I said, I get it, I just think it's so over-done. It's unnecessary work that is usually better sorted out by means of composition in camera... otherwise it's just another fake movie poster and not really a photo.

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I love all of this.

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Oh I really like it, the colours the atmosphere....amazing!! I agree with erasing buildings and maybe it´s bcs I´m a girl, but I would iron the dress a little bit. But it´s really nice, I like this photo very much :)

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I want the modern farm buildings removed from left side...I love this one so much

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Remarkable feel to this. The light and moment are simply wonderful. I imagine you did, but I can't tell if you used any artificial light at all. Fantastic work!

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thanks Ralph. No its only natural light