Bashful by dipta dasgupta
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January 11, 2019

Mcleod Ganj, a small district in the Himalayan city of Dharamsala, is home to many stateless Tibetans. Although they are compelled to live in a land away from their homeland, they retain their compassionate and amiable disposition, making McLeod Ganj their home away from home. Their enterprising nature allowed them to build a thriving community with little resources. This photo is of one such enterprising shopkeeper who sparked my imagination.

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With this photo I have a feeling you can contact people easily. That is a gift. I like your composition and whereas the lighting is not perfect that's okay- I like that the angle of the sun coming from the extreme right. You want to be sure that the eyes are in perfect focus, which they are not here. The shoulder is in focus and is bright in the photo so it is distracting from the woman's face, which is the most important thing in this photo. If you have a small flash on your camera it will throw a catch light into her eyes giving them more life and lessen the contrast between the sunlight and the shadow on her face. Keep taking photos- I think you have a feel for it and just need more practice. Good work- keep going!

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Thank you Gary Smith for all the suggestions .Will remember.