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Red Jessica

This was a portrait of my wife @theweekenderfashion that was influenced by renaissance style paintings. it started off trying to get the rembrandt lighting on her face, but i ended up liking this one with her face turned away from camera. It's a 3 light set up. the key light is a @paulcbuff Alienbee with a @westcottlighting 35" zeppelin deep parabolic camera right. Over head was another alienbee shooting into a large 7' westcott white umbrella. Straight on from just above the camera was a small speed light with a Westcott collapsable beauty dish, and just to the left of the subject was a white piece of foam core for fill. The key light tis doing most of the work and the other 2 lights were at pretty low settings just to add the slightest fill and highlights. The background was originally just a grey westcott x-drop that i photoshopped on an image i took of clouds and added a canvas texture over that. and then finally added in a bird on the shoulder and tear on the face just for fun in photoshop.

Nikon D850
85mm · f/10 · 1/200 · ISO 64
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