What colour was this? 1 by Julian Wood
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What colour was this? 1

February 1, 2019

Maldives - Aprox 4m - GoPro Hero 4 - no lighting, post processing produced 2 colour versions

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I don't know which one is true to color, but I like this one better! The colors are gorgeous, and personally I think go with prettier over accurate, but I guess it would depend on the setting bc I could see a diver's magazine wanting accurate. Actually on second thought without comparison, I'm sure they'd want it bc they don't know the lighting conditions and the fish can probably look either way based on light.

Long story short, I love this one and the eel. If you ever want to do underwater super macro, look into the Olympus tg5 bc it's better than cameras 5x the price for the purpose. Takes a great seahorse or Mantis shrimp pic. The micro 4/3 sensor is a good thing when it comes to super macro.

Nice dive location! I did my first off nusa penida, Indonesia... Like starting with caviar lol

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Thanks Lynne, These shots were all taken with the Go-Pro as I was actually doing another certification course at the time, so couldn't carry a DSLR or lighting, i've heard a lot of good stories about the TG5 and for stills my little Nikon AW outperforms the go-pro but probably not as good as the TG-5 however at depth I would have to put the TG5 in a case making it a little too big for my pocket. The setup I am now slowly building is the D850 in a Nauticam housing with constant lights and Go-Pro on a hot shoe mount and the AW in my pocket as a back-up. It's heavy and I will look ridiculous lumbering in and out of the water.
The ambitious projects I have for this year (and maybe next) is to do a night shoot of a Pier with each leg independently lit underwater, still working the technicalities of that one out and also my son and I are going to try and do a 'good' underwater time-lapse. I just now need to wait until the sea in the UK is a little less green or until we travel again in the summer.