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Wedding mood

Fujifilm X-T1
XF56mmF1.2 R · f/1.2 · 5800 · ISO 200
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Andrew. Really like the bride and bridesmaids. Colors are solid, background has nice blur. Your flower girl looks completely out of focus.

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This has happened to me before!! Quite honestly how do you correct that

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With a mirrorless camera like I shoot, I would set it at about f5.6 and use focus peaking to make sure all was in focus. It is relatively quick check. Shooting DSLR his focal plane may be too shallow to allow it all to be in focus. If everything else wasn't so crisp and colorful, it wouldn't be noticeable

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Could have pumped it up a couple of stops for more DOF

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I must say you have captured a doosy of a shot here. but what i noticed about this shot is the flower girl is out of focus. Over all i love it