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Archway Romance

My favorite 2018 wedding couple!

200mm · f/2.0 · 1/500s · ISO 100
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wonderful, very sensual

Wonderful shot!

thank you!

This is a wonderful shot. The lighting & posing is wonderful. I would like to suggest if I may is to look up the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds describes how to compose and image w/o placing the subjects directly in the center of the frame. This will prevent any negative space on the sides. Thank you for sharing this image. Keep up the wonderful work

Thank for the support. They are purposefully in the center because of the lovely lead lines pointed at them ;-)

Seeing photos like this is exactly why I don't do weddings.... wedding are too important to screw up and I am not anywhere near this level of experience. Excellent mind-blowing image!

Sorry but the rule of thirds would ruin this shot. This image works because it is centered making use of leading lines. The rule of thirds doesn't always apply and any experienced professional such as Daniel always knows when and when not to apply this rule.

It has it all... One of my favorites for sure. Well done, Sir. This is Top Notch.

Probably the best wedding photo I've seen on this website. This is just fantastic! Not saying others are bad, but this is a very good photo.

The balance, focal point, and image are dazzling. I must agree with James Campos, in saying that this is the reason I do not even try to shoot something as important as a wedding. Thank you for sharing, and showing us your art.

Nope, 200mm f/2 is cheating. 😂

Very nice shots.