Lockheed Constellation by Shawn Mahan
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Lockheed Constellation

March 9, 2019

Davis Monthan
Tuscon, Az

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Interesting angle on this aero icon, Shawn! Nice change not to show off the tailfins, attractive though they are. That has to be the sexiest fuselage ever, doesn't it? ;-) I'd like to see a portrait of that flying boat on the right, too.

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Thanks Chris. I agree, I love the profile of the Constellation! The 14mm I rented really helps exaggerate the perspective. I took a ton of pictures, I will see if I have the boat.... Sorry, took a look, I didn't get a pic of the flying boat; looks like they had planes stuffed under the wings.

steven milner's picture

Nice work.

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