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Dachstein, Austrian Alps

This shot may not be beautiful, but it's a keeper for me; let me tell you why.
When it comes to mountain climbing, I'm nothing but an amateur. Weather conditions were dreadful; extremely windy and snow dust everywhere, making it very hard to see and step foot on the right spot. I was already tired of two hours of walking while wearing those big snowshoes; at some places, the snow was softer, and my feet suddenly fell half a meter deep in the snow, multiple times.
Anyways, got shelter beside a big rock close to what you see in this photo. I was feeling hopeless, and worried about my return!
I didn't want to give up and leave empty handed! The wind got a bit slower, and I got some line of sight. The conditions were quickly evolving. I saw a chance for taking a shot at the mountains. Set my tripod up. While I was taking off my camera, a wind gust dropped it... Set it up again, fixed the camera, focused and fired!
It was getting dark, packed my stuff and returned to the base.
Although this shot cost me a lost ND filter under the snow, I'm more than happy with it. For me, it was all about commitment and perseverance!

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