Classic capture in front of powerful Skogafoss waterfall in south Iceland.

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Wow! Powerful all right! That curtain of water is so beautiful, and majestic at that scale. Awe indeed, Radisa. You've got just the right degree of blur - often surprisingly tricky to get right even with experience, for me.

Huge thanks Chris! Yes, somewhat tricky but not to a great extent.

Amazing image. I love the glowing flow of the water. I've been to Skogafoss once on a gloomy day, and this feels wonderful to see.

Thanks a lot! Famous Icelandic weather :)

All the more reason I should go back!

A classic one, but well made !

Thank you so much!

You can almost hear the thunder of the falls. Excellent!!

Well described Elizabeth! Thanks!

Superb image, I love it!

Huge thanks John!

great shot [[ been done before ]] but this is sill great.. well bone

Many thanks Jean!