This curved line in the foreground is actually a mushrooms. Ozren mountain, Serbia.

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Really like this image. Lots of atmosphere, great colors, very moody, well composed. Nice work!

Thank you so much David!

This is a wonderful image for me. Well done, and thanks for sharing it. It certainly doesn't "need work".

I'd echo David Mederios' specific comments word for word. Keep up the good work.

I agree with the people who say that a low rating should be accompanied by an explanation at least. Otherwise, it doesn't mean much.

Thanks for the support and kind words Chris!


Exxxellent mood (y)

Thank you!

Makes me wonder what world is in the light. Excellent!

Yes, sometime light is everything...
Thank you!

Superb work Radisa!

Many thanks Alan!

I like the mood and the light is beautifully captured