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Space station no.5

Western City Gate, a 35-storey skyscraper in Belgrade, Serbia.
Big source of light at the top on the left tower is artificial.

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i love these type of looks!

Thanks! I am glad you love it.

Stunning image, Radisa! Love it. I wondered whether you'd really had a gig in space!

When you say the light is artificial, do you mean just that it's not natural light, or did you add it to the image yourself? It looks as if it is part of the scene Just curious.

In any case, well done, and I like many of your images a great deal.

Incidentally, you portfolio image makes you look at first like a different kind of shooter! I don't know if that's deliberate.

Huge thanks Chris!
This is some kind of reflector I suppose, and I did not add it to image.
Related to my portfolio photo, it's all by chance :)

I was literally going to ask if you worked in space - till I read the comments. Seriously WOW! When the image first clicked on to my screen it made my eye feel like they were zipping straight up! Crazy GOOD!

Lol, you're not the only one who has this feeling...
Huge thanks Elizabeth!