Giau pass - Dolomites, Italy.
From journey (photographic expedition) through the Dolomite mountain range, September 2016.

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Many thanks!

Fantastic image, Radisa.

Thanks a lot William!


Huge thanks!

Your stuff is amazing.

Wonderful picture I like it much!

Thanks a lot!

This is absolutely FABULOUS. Great mood

Thanks so much!

Radisa, your work is absolutely amazing. Impressive images, editing and concepts. Keep up the good work. I'm not sure if Glau Pass exactly looked like this, but I'm totally with you on editing to present your vision and sentiment about the location.

I hope the blue tone is right in order to enhance the mood! Huge thanks John for your visit and kind words!

Evokes Ansell Adams' feel and mood. Simply stunning!

This is one of my favorite photos and it is great honor compared my work to the great master.
Huge thanks Paul!