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Cinci Jungle Reporter Headshot

This was a collaboration with a local sports writer that allowed me to have my first professional headshot client, while also getting him his first professional headshots.

135mm · f/10.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Chin up!

Thanks for the encouragement. But I wasn’t upset about anything. 😉

I’m just joking of course. I’m assuming you’re saying that I should have him raise his chin. Wouldn’t having him raise his chin repeal more of the roundness of his face, and diminish the strong jaw line created from this angle?

You should check it :). But in 90% cases femine protraits are with chin down, males with chin up. He can also stress his neck forward a bit, then the roundes goes because neck is tight. Like Peter Hurley tutorials ;). It's not bad by any means, his jaw line is accented a bit by his face hair, but there is possibility it could be better.

I don’t think that’s right. I just googled peter Harley headshots to see if I’m missing something. Here is a peter Hurley headshot. https://www.google.com/search?q=Peter+Hurley+male+portraits&client=safar...

Please don’t take the above comment as me arguing with you. I appreciate your feedback so I went to go look at the Peter Hurley images to see if I had missed that differentiation between male and female portraits. What I found was during his YouTube video where he explains “it’s all about the jaw” he explains that tilting your head back or to the side is actually a more feminine, or most contemplative look. So it’s interesting that you have perceived the opposite to be true about his work. Do you have a particular Image that you could link me to that demonstrates the principle that you’re talking about?

Look at miniature for this movie:


Which one seems more femine? Middle one or right one?

Chin up creates this bossy look, which is more common for men.

My reference to Peter was to second part (stretched neck), but after looking you photo again I think that part was done.

Manly look is not only jaw line. Take some test photos and share with ous :)