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Hey Todd, I keep coming back to this because it is such a great shot!!
Only feedback I can share (and not sure if it is correct. Just another perspective).
Try an edit showing a little more skin tone, flip the image horizontally, then crop to portrait size/shape with e most visible eye smack bang in the the intersect of the top left square (thinking rule of thirds). some of the steering wheel will be sliced, same with the mirror and also the seat, cutting the tank out. Up the clarity ever so slightly and increase the sharpness.
Again not saying it'll make the image even better than what it is. You'll just see what I keep seeing :)

Thank you for the great feedback and I’m glad that you like shot. It has been one of my favorite that I’ve taken so far. I will definitely try editing it that way in the very near future and I will let you know when it is done so that you can see. Thank you again.