Bamboo Forest by Thomas Weissenbrunner
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Bamboo Forest

Beeing at the bamboo forest at the early morning is just magic.

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was thinking about traveling to this spot during my trip to Japan this October. Is the bamboo forest beautiful in person or just strategically photographed?

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i really think it's a beautiful place. Not just the bamboo forest, but also the whole Arashiyama area. But i recommend to go there as early as possible. From Kyoto Station coming i took the first possible train to Arashiyama. So i been there around 6 am.

It's nice to see the whole area waking up. Seeing people doing their morning routine, opening shops and stuff like that. And in the forest listening to the birds waking up. For me it is a special mood. In the same area is also a second spot in a bamboo forest which is not that famous but i think it is underated.