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Self Sportrait - Golf

My collection of Self Sportraits have been getting keen interest and people have really been enjoying the different perspective and the setups I use.

Strobist Info
-Using a folded ladder to stand on and a phone book to lean camera with 10-22mm wide angle lens.
-2 Cactus KF36 strobes @ 1/2 power directed at rear wall and roof. Then using another -Cactus KF36 @ 1/4 power camera right on floor for lighting myself.
-Cactus V2's used for firing flashes and Cactus Wireless Shutter Remote hidden behind golf clubs handle for taking the shot.

Then using Photoshop I have masked out non white areas of wall to give the 100% white background.

Canon 40D
12mm · f/18.0 · 1/200s · ISO 400
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