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Through the Mirror of Earth

The Whale Tale Beach in the National Park of Marina Ballena in Costa Rica offered a unique spectacle when the sun was about to touch the horizon and the water mirrored the firy sky.

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Such a master piece Aritz!!!

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Happy to hear you like it Jose ;)

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Congrats on your photo being selected as the photo of the day! I wish sometime they would choose mine as I've seen some that just don't do it for me or doesn't make sense, and I know mine were better, but you never know! Anyways enough about me, you really accomplished a lot by this photo I would love to buy a copy to hang on my wall?

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Hey man! Thanks for your comment and interest on it. Contact me to talk about print options Bobby. My email: aritz79@yahoo.es

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Hey man thanks so much for getting back to me, I'll send you my phone number in your email, just text me before you call me, so that way I know it's you thats going to call me please?

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great colors.

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Thank you Francisco!

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Congratulations Amigo! Well deserved.

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Thanks buddy!

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Lovely image Aritz

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Glad you like it Craig!

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Amazing photo.

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Thanks Phil ;)

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What a great picture of my country. I myself have been there many times. I hope you enjoyed the visit.

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Thanks a lot Donny! I had a blast of good time there for sure.

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love love love <3

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thanks again bud

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Wow, stunning!