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Into The Tusk

One of the most magical moments of our trip to Iceland was the incredible sunrise we witnessed in Stokksnes, with the majestic Vestrahorn mountain lighting up more and more. Without any doubt it’s the most photogenic place I have ever been... if you want a beach, you have it, if you want rocks, there are some, if you want dunes, there are many, if you want reflection, there are... hundreds of possibilities of composition make it one of the most photographed places in Iceland, sometimes with auroras behind as it points to the north. It is perfect. And we were lucky, it is not easy to find such good conditions: clear skies and zero wind, showing the most incredible reflection I've ever seen. And the joy that I took when I saw this foam of the waves moving in this mini lagoon attached to the beach, perfect to give dynamism to the picture with a long exposure and all for me!

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Your descriptions are as beautiful as your vision! Extraordinary portfolio.