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One more reason to miss the midnight sun in Iceland. And flowers, of course! This shot was taken in the classic and elegant Seljalandsfoss, an absolutely beautiful waterfall during summer nights!
It's the result of 32 images in combination of focus stacking, bracketing (HDR) and panorama techniques. Probably the most challenging picture I've ever taken also because of water splashes and a bit of wind.
Hope you enjoy!

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Absolutely beautiful. 😮

thanks my friend!!

Beautiful 👌👌

thanks Hans!

Island could be so green with Flowers? Great shot.

thanks Roland! Yes, in summer its so beautiful

32 images ! your a brave man

thanks so much man!

Well worth the effort!

thank you Michael

Insane mate, totally worth the effort 💪

many thanks buddy, it was a short but memorable moment!

Brutal David, bravo!!!

gracias amigo!!

What technique! Extraordinary!

feels like a rainbow!

wow, this is just incredible!


Just wow!

Wow, that was really beautiful :) Great job with the editing, David.

Superb work great shots

No words for this!! Just so amazing! Thank you for all your hard work. It gives me goosebumps!

This in fantastic. Love the sky and the effect of the light on the rock formation.

It's just like a fairy land!

Espectaculo de colores y luz! FOTAZA!!

This shot is just amazing.. What a talent!

massive thanks Steffen! Really glad you like it

Your hard work paid off. This is a great treatment of an often shot subject.

great i like this

Like from the movie Lord of the Rings.

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