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I got the idea for this photo because I was really inspired by Lisa Holloway and wanted to shoot kids. I contacted one of my old students and met up with her mom and we set a date for shooting. I didn't really have any concept in mind except that I wanted to back light her.

It was really sunny day and we walked around quite a lot, but when I found this location, I knew it was going to look good. Sun was quite high at this point, but the trees behind filtered it just right and made the background glow.

I had to direct her a lot but at this point she was feeling more relaxed, so I'm glad that this was one of the last locations we did.

Canon 550D
85mm · f/1.4 · 1/800 · ISO 100
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Really special light and great control of contrast

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thank you so much

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thank you for the link. I think I totally missed that article actually, so thank you :)

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Very cool. If the sun was high, then did you use the light coming through a hole in the tree's canopy to highlight her hair? LIke feathering a softbox. Lastly, did you use flash camera right to fill in? Love all the orange-ish colors in the background.

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thank you. This is all natural light so no flash and yes the sun was filtered by the trees

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