Coming back from a trip to the mountains we decided to take the "scenic road". We were rewarded with this image. After 2 days of trekking on the mountains in waist-deep snow, fog, clouds and no sun whatsoever this really was a treat. Taken with my Mavic Pro drone.

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Which country and area? Beautiful shot! Multiple shot with the drone? Regards, Richard, Netherlands

This is in Romania. Around Cheia. I will post also a top-down photo of this road, which is also very nice - but not as "original" . Yes, it's a vertical panorama. I think 6 shots in total.

Thank you! Beautiful pictures in your portfolio!

thats a crazy shot, that winding road is something special.

World class. Top marks!

Good shoot but bad and way too heavy post processing in my opinion, the sky and the color saturation look very bad taste, sorry. I hope this comment can help you to improve your technique ;)