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Newborn Baby Boy

Little 9 days old japanese baby boy

Canon 6D
67mm · f/2.8 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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I'm not sure how you achieved the pose, but it's really clever. Great light too!

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Deane, it is a composite of two images... One holding the little arms, and another holding the baby's head... Very safe for the little boy... :)

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Genius! Thanks so much for sharing your technique, though having the recipe and knowing how to cook are two different things, I leave the amazing Japanese baby shots to the expert in this case :)

Richard Carter's picture

What an adorable photograph. I love the delicate placement of the hands.

Gustavo Figueiredo's picture

Perfect pose. Beautiful colors. Congratulations!

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When doing this pose, its important that you can see the toes, and that the wrists are together.

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Hi Jen... I tried taking the toes out, but he got unsettled, so i gave up or i wouldn't have any photo at all... About the wrists... It's always a mistery if the little arms will remain as i posed, or if they will move...

Thanks for the tips... Just saw your work and it is beautiful...

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I always do a "security shot" right before if the baby is like that. sometimes you can wait a few minutes and they will settle, or do a foot at a time. Hold them there, they will allow it, you just have to be patient. if you put the elbows together they will stay there. Also, how did you get your pic on here? Do you just upload it to your portfolio? I'd like to upload some work :)

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Yep, just uploaded to my portfolio... :)

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awesome! hope i get some comments on mine lol.

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