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The Fame of the King, next to the Tuileries, Paris

Statue of Renommee, the fame of the King, riding Pegasus dates to 1699. Wonderfully sculpted by Antoine Coysevox at the west entrance to the Tuileries where it has stood since 1719 after moving from the Marley estate of Louis XIV. Simply beautiful.

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No matter how far I journey with Photography I keep an open mind and am all about honing and refining my skills and seeking inspiration. I feel that when someone gives an image a low score, I am always ok as opinions differ in appreciation of all art, however I feel it is a missed opportunity, if someone spots some flaws, etc. worthy of low scoring but then doesn't share with the community how they would have liked the image to have been better or different. Without the feedback there is no learning opportunity and no chance of improvement and advancement. Needs work - doesn't tell me how or where and so leaves me feeling disappointed. I invite all when scoring, to freely comment as to how they see an image can be improved. I'm not interested in to and fro's, arguing and such, I'm interested in what helps me grow and improve. Many thanks for reading this and I hope as a community we can apply this across the board for the betterment of all and photography in general.