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Evening Reflections

Quail Lake just before sunset.

Canon Rebel T6
29mm · f/4.5 · 1/4000s · ISO 1600
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You've got a good eye- this is a pretty picture. But be your own toughest critic. The photo doesn't seem sharp- ISO is too high. Shoot with the lowest ISO possible. Shoot off a tripod until you've practiced hand holding. Try an f/stop around f/8 and a slower shutter speed. If this was taken from a car, don't do that. I would crop out all of the dark foreground area - it isn't doing much for the photo. Make it more abstract and dramatic with the cropping so the viewer is concentrating on the nice shapes, negative spaces of the sky, hills, and water, and the colors. Keep practicing- the more you take photos the more you develop (no pun intended).
-same with your Lake Powell shot-