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Magic stokness

hello friends, I hope you had a good day, today I want to present you one of the photos that have cost me more to edit, a magical moment that you do not know if you are going to live again. One night in stokness, the black beach, the beach of the black sand hills, there are thousands of gotmas to call it, a location that marked my trip. I have to confess that this card after passing it to the hard drive, I kept it in its case and I did not give it back in the whole trip. I think you all understand me. LOL

f/1.0 · 1.3s · ISO 6400
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Wow, this looks fantastic. I might have walked closer to the mountain and skipped the grass in the foreground, but that's just a variation, not necessarily an improvement. However, the bright light at the left bottom of the mountain should be removed. I rated it five stars.

Thanks my friend


Gracias trooooon

Wowww it's a really really nice photo !!

Incredible photo