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Fantasy Falls

I could not realize this jaw dropping location was about only 1 hour from home. Sometimes we dont have to travel that far to get this kind of paradise type sceneries. Got here this morning and played with multiple compositions. I choose this as the first image to process. What I like about this composition is how it divides the frame in 3 parts (fore ground waterfalls, central waterfall and the light source above) creating a strong depth.

Fuji X-T2
10mm · f/4 · 1/8 · ISO 200
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fantastic edit as usual i need to learn how you make the darks and lights so detailed but still deep and dramatic

Thanks Joseph, glad to hear you like it. In these shots where you get almost pitch black zones with super highlights too, I tend to shift blacks and shadows, lower the exposure and then shift the whites, so the lights of the water can pop up. Hope it can help a bit. Cheers!

Thanks I’ll play around with it

Fantastic where is this located in basque country ?

This is inside Gorbeia Natural Park Reserve.


Incredible. Love the composition and the processing is truly on point!