Virgin Mother Mary | The Pieta by erika szostak
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Virgin Mother Mary | The Pieta

September 15, 2014

From my "Mother Plastic" project, which looks at conceptual versions of “natural mothers”, investigating what it might look like if everything “natural” were replaced with something synthetic. I also wanted to satirize stereotypes and the drive to shame women for being “plastic” or “fake” (vis shows like Snog, Marry, Avoid) or for failing to adhere to a socially acceptable construct of “natural” beauty. It is also meant to raise questions or comment upon the commodification of women, bodies and beauty and their subsequent status as consumable, disposable objects.

Photography, art direction, production & styling: Erika Szostak. Photographer's assistant: Dade Freeman. Models: Jacqueline Damelle, Frankie Kent & Max Paterson. Dresses: Dumpster Design & Erika Szostak/Mark Cooper. Headdresses: bespoke by Beksie's Boutique. Plastic jewellery: bespoke by RockCakes. Makeup: Charlene Howells. Hair: Raf Blosinski. Location: Brighton Media Centre.

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