The potholes in Telemark, Norway by Roger Kristiansen
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The potholes in Telemark, Norway

June 4, 2019

This is another shot from the famous potholes in Nissedal, Telemark. Since the ice-age, rocks and gravel have been swirling around and created these big potholes

This is a blend of two images with totally different shutterspeed. A fast one for the sky and a 58 sec longexposure for the waterfall.

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Bøyer meg i støvet for denne!

Roger Kristiansen's picture

Hjertelig takk for fine ord, Ole Henrik👍🏻😀 Det var hyggelig😀

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Incredible shot!

Roger Kristiansen's picture

Thank you very much, Jose Luis👍🏻 Appreciate it😀

Fredrik Strømme's picture

Det her er så lekkert!

Roger Kristiansen's picture

Tusen takk, Fredrik👍🏻