Hawker dragonfly in flight by mike turtle
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Hawker dragonfly in flight

Taken a while back over one of our ponds.

400mm · f/6.3 · 1/2000s · ISO 800
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That is amazing. 400mm on a dragonfly? Wow. Mind telling me how you accomplished this photo? I'd love to be able to capture something like this.

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The same way as the puffins in flight in my profile -manual focus set to a suitable distance then with fast repeat shutter, 8-12fps don't look through the lens but over it. I miss a lot but I get lots of sequences with one behind, one sharp and one in front of focus. If I try to find a very fast moving small object through the viewfinder at 400mm I almost always miss it.

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Thanks again for your help and information. I'm right about to post another macro in my profile. I used the stacking program you recommended, but I still went wacky and used the shutter myself and added a bit of camera shake. So I got mostly what I set out for.. Still learning.