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The exploding chocolate bar

We tried to create something different on this one, and it was a fun journey. Want to learn the process?

In this advanced photography workshop you will learn how to shoot difficult and unusual objects like a bar of chocolate and create stunning advertising compositions!
Your instructors, Alex Koloskov (in-studio shooting) and Artem Pissarevskiy (in-Photoshop retouching) will explain how to properly setup the whole scene, what additional shots you would need to create the final images and, of course, how to put everything together in Photoshop to get a great result.


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It looks yummy, I always eat something sweet with chocolate, when I need to think and work. Now I am writing an assignment for https://phdessay.com/category/descriptive/ and gonna go to buy snickers bar)) This descriptive essay got me hungry!

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