Spitskop Namibia by Arthur Morgan
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Spitskop Namibia

July 7, 2019

A monochrome rendition of the Spitskop peak in Namibia

Pentax K-3 11
18mm · f/5,6 · 1/750 · ISO 100
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Chris Jablonski's picture

Good job, Arthur! A fine composition (some would say, despite the "boring" sky). I like the bleached, alien atmosphere you've attained with the way you've concentrated the tones in the pale grey zone. A bit like an engraving, but not quite, either. You've come away with a Namibian landscape like no other I've seen. Very impressed!

Arthur Morgan's picture

Thank you.
Desert skies are often "boring" but the landscapes make up for that, and add a lot more too.
Namibia is a photographer's dream - easy to get there, safe, good roads, huge open land. The main problem is what bits not to photograph if you want to get to your next stop in time for sundowners!