The Muddy Marauders by Paul Martin
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The Muddy Marauders

July 17, 2019

These wild stallions just left the watering hole with a fresh coat of mud which creates some very creative markings. Young males are kicked out of their family band by age two and will joined with other stallions to form a bachelor band. The sole goal at this stage is to capture a mare (female) and start his own family. Seen here, the band is rampaging through the herd looking for a vulnerable mare, they found one which the alpha stallion herded off on his own.

500 mm · f/5.6 · 1/2000 · ISO 1000
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Sergey Kosarevsky's picture

Excellent work. I think it could be a 5-star work if that 4th stallion right behind them is not obstructed.

Paul Martin's picture

Agreed. Although the shutter was buried I never got that separation.