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Piazza Il Campo At Sunrise | Siena, Italy

Piazza Il Campo in Siena is a very bustling place but before the sun rises it becomes very tranquil. At this time, eyes are not distracted by the day life of the city, you can focus on the details of the composition above. Until you see the sun-star on your screen and the square begin to “wake up” again.

More about this image here: https://sumfinity.com/hdr-photos/italy/sienna/piazza-il-campo-sunrise/

19 mm · f/25 · 1/15 s · ISO 100
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Great shot of this beautiful square

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Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Good shot.
Siena is one of my preferred Italian town (with Perugia and Urbino)

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Thanks :)

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I really like the composition and the sun rays, but if I'm not completely mistaken, your stitching or cloning in foreground looks a bit blotchy. The tower looks very distorted to me as well. Other than that, I like the vibe and small details hidden, for example the music stand in the foreground :)