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Plastic Waters

This one is one of my Plastic Waters series.

The plastic pollution of our waters is a global problem. We dump 8 million tonnes of waste in the sea every year, 80% of it plastic. For instance, the Great Pacific Gargabe Vortex is now an area three times the size of France. Pollution brings detrimental changes in aquatic ecosystems. Vast amounts of rubbish and industrial waste ends up in the same waters where we take our food and drink. This is my great worry, and it ought be the concern of everyone here on the planet. Pick it up, people!

This series is inspired by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft,
particularly The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1931), wherein rising from the sea a dark threat lurks o’er the village of Innsmouth.

The images are a blend of these themes. The story of sea creatures, wrought in filth. Story of our waters’ contemporary troubles. The creatures’ emotions vary from wistful and sad to anger.

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