Belgian heath by Kevin Teerlynck
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Belgian heath

August 4, 2019

Despite of the bad weather forecasts for this morning, we tried our luck anyway and went out to the Belgian heathlands before the crack of dawn... all weather models showed low clouds so our chances to see the sun rise at the horizon were absolutely minimal. Once on site, we realised that all models were completely wrong and i witnessed one of the most dramatic sunrises in a while!

14mm · f/8.0 · 1/3s · ISO 100
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Sergey Kosarevsky's picture

I love the colors and toning. Was it all done as a single shot?

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

many thanks. This is actually a blend of 2 exposures to cover the whole dynamic range (mostly the strong highlights)

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

thanks, definitely felt like one ;)

Alessandro Vegini's picture

Awesome !!! Great light and tones. Really moody !!

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

thanks a lot Alessandro!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Great image, Kevin! One of your best. I think I could look at this for a long time, and not tire of it. Love those softly backlit grasses in the foreground.

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Glad to hear Chris. Really appreciate your thoughts on this one. Almost couldn't go wrong with such conditions ;)