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Hidden Waterfall in Bali

Bali is not as remote as it may have once appeared. Almost every main road is littered with tourists riding rental scooters with road burn on their arms and legs. Most attractions you see on social media sites are now circuses of selfie-taking 'grammers with an absurdly high entrance fee. However with the slightest bit of know-how and an adventurous spirit, it's possible to mine some gems. While riding some backroads one day, my GF and I noticed a trail leading off into the jungle next to a bridge. With our curiosity-meter peaked and a mindset of "every path leads somewhere," we set off along the path; ten minutes later we stumbled on this beautiful, unnamed waterfall. We spent the entire afternoon shooting pictures, and we never saw another person. Sometimes taking a chance pays off.

Three image panorama. ISO 200, f/11, 1.3s. Shot on a Sigma 16mm 1.4 APSC lens on a Sony A7RII

Sony A7RII
16mm (24mm FF equiv) · f/11 · 1.3 · ISO 200
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Hi Daniel! such a nice photo and great finding of the place. I also find that bali sometimes can be so stressful in terms of number of casual tourist. it is hard to find a location that is not filled with selfie-taking 'grammers. I have lived on the island for 6 months and never find a place that is remote enough.