Sam Perales / / Fakie Flip by Will Fisher
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Sam Perales / / Fakie Flip

August 26, 2019

Anyone who knows much about skateboarding is familiar with this spot. There is a good reason not many tricks have been done on it.
Was stoked when my friend Sam said he wanted to Fakie Flip into it. We went and looked at it, then went back the next weekend with a filmer and made it happen.
Fakie flip into the bank. Staples Center, LA

70mm · f/5.6 · 1/1250s · ISO 160
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Thank you! Right, going down that switch is crazy

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Wow! Was this in a mag? Definitely worthy of it. A friend of mine ate total shit just dropping into it haha

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Also, there was no need to pop that high, so props to your boy.. perfect timing.