When the light is coming by Anthony Robin
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When the light is coming

September 8, 2019

What an amazing sunrise yesterday morning! Out of the van at 5am, I took a wee walk up in the dark to the ridge, without forgetting to make a few prayers for a golden smile and some clouds. Well, Mother Nature gave me a real show there... Absolutely gorgeous morning and what a view guys!

Sony A7rIII
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Great shot, fantastic landscape. A lesson in providing interest, fore, mid and background. What gear, settings ?

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Thanks mate! It's a 112MegaPixels panorama, 6 photographs in total merged and edited in Lightroom. It was taken with a Sony A7rIII and a FE 70-300.

Hope this helps! Cheers! 👍😊

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The post shot work is as impressive as the the location - clearly I have a lot of work to do, many thanks for sharing the work and the processing.