My Regret by Abel Wilson
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My Regret

October 11, 2014

This picture is around 2 years old, back from when I started out.
I started photography with the intent of helping people, to let them feel beautiful about themselves.
I met this girl as part of a shoot I was doing for a few college kids to help them feel good about themselves.
It was my first time meeting most of them, and this girl especially.
She was a quiet girl, and very shy.
She didn't seem to have a good impression of herself at all.
Through the entire shoot, I never got to talk to her much at all because due to my inexperience, the whole thing had been very unplanned.

I got a few really good shots of her friends, and as she was nervous, only one good shot of hers. It was nothing exceptional, just a regular image.

Sad thing is I couldn't do anything for her. I failed a part of my mission cause when she left, I don't feel like she felt very beautiful about herself. I never saw her again after that day.

This original picture lay forgotten in my hard drive for a while, when I fetched it out recently and...I noticed it had potential.
I remembered this girl and I was immediately filled with regret. She was one of the few people I couldn't help.
This artwork is my way of telling her sorry.

75mm · f/4.5 · 1/15s · ISO 100
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