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Shot for my Fairytales series.
Model: Manuela Ticarat
MUA: Cristina Foit

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Lee Morris's picture

love it

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Thank you, Lee! ^_^

Mick Gonzalez's picture

beautiful work, nicely done!! come by my profile and rate my pics too. thank you!

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Thank you!

Image Faktory's picture

Such beauty !!

Andreea Iancu's picture

Yes, she is <3

Chris Adval's picture

I'm confused, I'm I the only one who sees the arm fading away and another arm (3rd arm) on that same side????

Andreea Iancu's picture

Haha :)) No, you're not the only one! I was experimenting with a few mirrors when I took this photo, so all the effects, reflections and distortions where done in camera. Personally, I love how it turned out even with the disturbing 3rd arm (I think it adds to the surreal overall feeling), but it might be just a matter of taste. :)

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

awesome! congrats andreea xxx

Andreea Iancu's picture

Thank you, Vicky! ^_^

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So pretty!

Andreea Iancu's picture

Thank you, April! ^_^