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Just what counts

Shot during their first look photos before the ceremony that day.

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I love this perspective. Original... at least in my world. The image exudes joy and commitment.

Thank you !

I love the symmetry initially, but to me it soon feels like like an obvious composite. The symmetry of the wood flooring is over the top, and gives it a subtly fake feel, that makes me realize that the woman's dress is also unrealistically symmetrical. I would prefer to have near symmetry than perfect symmetry. As a photographer, this feels fake after about 5 seconds. I'm all for artistic free expression, too, but as a wedding photographer, I would not feel this much license to play with reality. I suppose I have more of a candid/journalistic attitude about this sort of subject. Your customer may never get this reaction to the photo, and love it 100$, and your opinion and theirs is all that matters.

It’s not a composite it’s just that I duplicated parts of the dress and the floor because the flooring in the location wasn’t appealing.