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Model: Eileen Cassidy
HMU: Quyen Nguyen
Photog: Jason Lau

Canon 5D Mkiii
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Anonymous's picture

Beautifully balanced light :-)

Alf Nielsen's picture

Great pose, and relaxed feel to the photo. Really lovely

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Wiggity whack this picture is like crack. Cuz it's got me addicted dawg. Dam bro. Keep pumpin out this dizzle my zizzle I got feelings in my head that make me fizzle yo

Martin Beebee's picture

This is gorgeous -- the light here is just stunning. Really well done.

Farreno Ferguson's picture

beautiful tone

Joe Smith's picture

For me, this is a flashback to the early Look magazine days. Excellent work all the way around.

Jason Lau's picture

Cheers Joe, appreciate your feedback.

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